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I prefer programming to writing documentation, but as it is important for you to get the most out of it, let me highlight the most important features for you.

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Synchronize subtitles

One of the biggest problems I had was synchronizing the subtitles of a movie with the video and audio. Therefore, I created this feature which uses one of the original subtitles of the DVD to synchronize your own subtitles.

SubtitleCreator's advanced synchronization window

The interface is very intuitive to me, and I hope to you as well: just select corresponding subtitles left (from the original SUP file) and right (your subtitle file) windows, and click the link button in between. Finally, select “Synchronize” when you are done, which will use linear synchronization to correct for time shifts and frame rate conversions between the different subtitles.

Tip 1: By double clicking in the left window, the right window will jump to a subtitle that has approximately the same start time. The same for double clicking in the right window, although less practical as there are fewer subtitles to show in the left.

Tip 2: When your subtitles are split in two parts, you are never sure whether the second part continues straight away after the first set of subtitles, or whether there is an additional pause. Therefore, create links with the original for (one of) the first and last subtitle in each set. You will see some additional buttons ‘<’ and ‘>’to jump to the beginning and end of each file, respectively.

Manipulate subtitles

Select Tools|Manipulate SUP, and you will see the following window appear, which allows you to change each subtitles’ vertical position, and you can use a different set of colors.

SubtitleCreator's manipulate subtitle window

The options are fairly self-explanatory, I hope. You can: