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SubtitleCreator v2.0.4 allows you to add subtitles to your own (copyright-free) DVD's. In case you do not own the copyright, you can also overlay your own subtitles on your DVD if you don't mind watching it from your computer. Together with other freeware programs, the whole process of adding subtitles to a DVD is automated, and it's the easiest freeware program that I know which allows you to do this. As a final touch, it supports different GUI languages (currently English, French and Dutch): if you would like to add your language, let me know.

SubtitleCreator is released as "Beggarware", and donating some money will stimulate me to continue improving the program's functionality. Alternatively, you will also help me by visiting one of my 'sponsors' (see left menu).

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SubtitleCreator has been tested extensively on Windows XP using the .NETv2 framework, but it should also run on other Windows environments that have downloaded the .NET v2. If you haven't installed it yet, you can get it here for free.

Feature overview

SubtitleCreator converts ASCII-based text files in SubRipís SRT or MicroDVDís SUB format to the binary SUP format expected by DVD authoring tools such as MuxMan or IfoEdit. As such, you are able to create and add your own subtitles to a DVD. Since version 1.8, you can also manipulate existing subtitles, for example to shift them or to change their colors. Additionally, if you don't own the copyright of the DVD, you can overlay subtitles on top of your DVD. Finally, it also included a DVD Authoring Wizard function, which is especially useful for beginners and lazy people like me to add a new subtitle to a previously copied DVD (e.g. with DVDShrink). It combines the power of PgcDemux, MuxMan and VobBlanker to add subtitles in one go, thereby even allowing you to retain the original DVD menu. Let me give you a concise overview of what you can do:

Well, thatís about it before I show you some screenshots. If you have some suggestions, or if you found some bugs, please mail them to me via Doom9's subtitle forum or via SourceForge.